SIVA will be offering a new incentive program for organizations currently using CPI, Mandt and other comparable systems.

What Is The Incentive?The Incentive is organizations currently using other comparable crisis prevention systems like CPI & Mandt can complete the prerequisite Orientation in only one-day on August 24th versus the standard two days. After which, they can immediately join the Train the Trainer session on August 25th to 27th

SIVA has proven to be more cost effective as well as in line with Provincial standards and Canadian standards. A Canadian model created by Canadians that work directly in the field on a daily basis. A large amount of agencies have already made the transition and have seen the benefits of SIVA on so many levels. CARF accredited agencies have received exemplary designations for the use of the SIVA model and numerous testimonials from agencies in Canada and the United States are flooding in.

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The incentive program also includes the SIVA Core Training Modules as listed on the website as well as direct ongoing support and communication with the founders regarding trainings! Recertification for trainers is also extremely cost effective and SIVA ensures that ongoing research occurs in regards to CARF standards, CLBC Policy, MCFD Policy and Community Care Facility Licensing Regulations.

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This is not just a model or system this is a philosophy and blue print for continued quality improvement.
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